Branded Podcasts Actually Work!

As an experienced television, radio and podcast producer I’ve seen the power of advertising firsthand. In fact, I’ve used that power to my clients’ advantage more times than I could count. One of my first jobs in advertising was working as a television producer in Burlington, Vermont, for the local CBS affiliate, WCAX-TV, creating commercials for local businesses. I quickly learned how effective the right message could be for a company and I’ve used that nugget of wisdom ever since. When done right, advertising actually works!
And that’s where branded podcasts come into play. Sure, having a podcast sounds trendy, but it’s also an incredibly effective way for brands to reach consumers. According to a new study released by BBC Global News, “Branded podcasts are an effective means of advertising and a powerful addition to the marketing mix, generating real cut-through with audiences – particularly ad avoiders.” The study also found that within branded podcasts the brand actually stands out from the content; meaning that listeners are actually paying MORE attention to the brand’s message.branded podcastswork
And because most people are engaged with another activity while listening to podcasts (like driving or doing laundry), the study showed that this actually makes listeners more receptive to advertising messages in general.
Bottom line, branded podcasts offer a unique advantage over traditional advertising methods, including television. If you haven’t considered making a branded podcast before, now is the time. (And I haven’t even mentioned all of the ways you can re-purpose the podcast once it’s created! I’ll save that for a future post.) In the meantime if you’re interested in learning more about creating a custom podcast for your brand, please reach out to me at

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